Wednesday, 18 April 2012

String Painting - Creative Art by Yshu

It was around Christmas time and Yshu wanted to prepare greeting cards to her frnz nd teachers. We went to Sapna Stores and picked some handmade charts. We had some colors left out at home and thought of using them for the rest of the job...

Just a week before that Yshu shared this idea of String Painting with me. It is so simple. Just take a thread string and dip it in the color. Take a sheet of paper and put this string in the fold of the paper having one corner of it hanging outside for us to pull.

Press the paper fold and the string together and gently pull out the string. Open the fold and see, you will have some creative design formed...It looks so lovely and different that anyone who takes this greeting will love to possess...

She had around 20 Day Care frnz and we were not sure how to honour her wish of giving them too some gift. We got these stars readily available in many book stores and some icecream sticks. Thats it. Name of her friend on one side of the star, Happy Xmas on the other side of the star and Yshu's name on Icecream Stick.

We used some glitter pens for glossy look and yes, it was a big hit with all her frnz nd teachers.

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  1. Loved ur string art dear,lovely prints of same.I just loved the Icecream stick attached with star,would like to have one for my little one....