Friday, 25 November 2011

Working Mom or Stay-At-Home Mom : A Tag ???

I really wonder why at all this tag is required when all of us at the end of the day are actually committed to our roles.

Whether a mom is working or Stay-At-Home, it is the decision with a commitment to her goals. It is a choice made by her and why not the society around her support in being successful in whatever choice she made.

Hell is the world around each, imagine a well educated woman who was always a rank holder in school and college if chooses tobe a Stay-At-Home Mom. The World around her tries to pull her down in maximum ways by saying then why at all she had to put so much of efforts in gaining ranks. The Same people doesnot think for a moment in giving out suggestions to the Working Mother leaving her child in the Day care saying what for is all the money if she cant give attention to the child.

Where is the fault ? May be somewhere, the world around woman is more open to comment, condemn and even take decision for her in the shadow of advice. The fact of the matter is SAHM or WM, every Mother has a picture of her own to build. She has her own reasons to choose the way she is living.

SAHM has her own great reasons to give that undivided attention to her children. She plans so much for their breakfast, lunch, dinner and after school activities. She is in a way no second to any chef or any Kids Trainer in planning the entire day filled with varieties. She is working ofcourse...No less to any professional packing a day with planning, organising, delivering, measuring and improving....

WM is ofcourse a supermom... she cooks, plans and schedules everything so that she reaches the school with kid dressed as neatly as any other. She has her own advantage of making her children independent, thought provoking and spending that quality time with the kids. She ensures her supply of information stands as a differentiator in her children's projects, her organising skills inspiring the children to copy, her mastery of arts motivating the children tobe multi tasking.....

The same SAHM may choose to go for work outside home and the same WM, may choose tobe SAHM at some point in life. Unnecesary bullying will create undue pressure in trying to justify herself and still continue her journey of life.

I think this should be part of every educated woman to not get involved in tagging & segregating so...


  1. I personally dont think the Tag has something to do with the most Previleged Mom's Role.

    Its all a decision taken by an individual or Family based on the specific needs of the family.

    I am a working Mom myself and know the hardships of a SAHM.
    Its an all day job at home which sometimes is easily over-looked. But it sure needs tons of planning, organising and co-ordination.

    SAHM and WM have their own Pros and Cons, so it is totally a personal choice which society need not take an advantage to comment.

    Great Mom or Super Mom - what the Kids and Family need is a Mom who can shower her affection and cater the needs of the Family - so the TAG is least important!!

  2. Hey Malleshwari.Congrats for ur blog.

    Its individual to invidividual desicion to go for working options or to stay at home,I guess Moms in any case give more than best to their kids.

  3. Thank you Ashu... Value your inputs as a wonderful Blogger. In a way, your Blog inspired me. Need to take time to add the pix and write some nice ones...lets c how it goes from here.