Friday, 25 November 2011

Being a Daddy's Girl

My relationship with my dad

Being a Daddy's Girl is the most treasured title for many Girls. This goes right ages after ages too....Dad is the first man in any girl's life and no matter how much you debate what all mamma does, still it is the daddy who takes that place of dearness in the little girl's heart. It need not be taken as favourism compared to mamma...but, that's a special relationship that is shared by dad and daughter.

In a diary of Cherished moments, the date starts as early as the first day I went to park with my dad. The relationship gets so well wired in the heart of the little girl the first run race she had in the spongy grass to the little petty fights. The bonding gets nurtured with everyday moments when the dad picks her up at the school, prepares her for school activities and the most treasured moment when she is taught to cycle....Wow...a feeling of achievement shared by dad and girl on that special day when she freely cycled with her growing legs stumping the pedals and the soft palms started applying the brakes on the bi-cycle.....

Oohh....the lovely surprise dad gets when she demands a scooty even before her college seat is confirmed. The teen heart is even more stolen when this demand of hers is a birthday gift much before she could ask for it. The day she gives her father a lift in her ride is a wonderful day of achievement for dad. That is the talk of his office, his friends shared in pride. It goes on...any little act of difference like winning a debate competition in college, writing a good article in magazines, photo appearing in school or college magazines for the little achievements are the most talked topics among his cirlce of friends and colleagues.

The best of celebrating moments when she gets selected in a campus interview as if no other in the world has achieved something of sort. Call it an exaggeration or explanation, he explains to the rest of the world that it was the toughest of the interviews and it was his daughter who nutted it down with her intelligence. (carrying no credits to his guidance)

The joy of dad knew no bounds when the daughter landed with the latest model of cellphone for dad & an antique bracelet for the mom. This is her first gift on getting her first pay cheque. Hiding the embarassment of not knowing how to use it, he showcases everywhere in his circle. She is still the topic of discussion everywhere for him.

The college, campus and career going in congruence with each other's tastes & compromises, the day comes when both of them have to experience the sweet pain of departure in the name of marriage. Selecting a spouse of her choice is the biggest weight on dad and marrying an understanding boy who can value the sweet relationship is the biggest confusion for the girl.... Somewhere in between, the line is drawn.
May be marriage is not an end to the sweetness of dad nd girl but a subtle moment of sweet pain to both.

Even before it is realised whether it is right or wrong to feel so, the new little one joins the family. Call me Ms.J, but still, I am the first tobe loved by my dad says the girl. Life being so nice all these days and years, a day when dad has to leave the world and girl has to lead the rest of the life. Yes, it feels unfair why it should be so for me.

May be the only thought that keeps the life energetic is dad's ideals. All through his life, the purpose he created is to bring a great charm in the girl's life. If this cheer is replaced with tears, the purpose of dad in growing me up gets defeated...

Not to waste time in shedding tears but spend time in spreading cheers with dad's ideals. This is my message for myself when I had to accept the bitter truth that he left this world not giving an opportunity for me to say, "Why not be with us for few more years....???"

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