Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Toss and Toast for Twisting the Tastes

Following are my simple recipes with a bit of creative alteration to the originals

Vegetable Idlis :

Grate Carrot, Cucumber, Bottle gourd, Cheese, Paneer, Finely chop the curry leaves, coriander leaves, Chillies and add them to Idli Batter and put them on Mini Idli plates...Vegetable Idlis Ready in 15 Mins.

Colour Idlis :

Boil Beetroot after cutting them into cubes till the thick Beetroot starch is obtained. Mix the Idli Batter, Fine paste of Ginger, Chilli, Coriander, Curry leaves to this Beetroot Starch. Put them on Mini Idli Plates and serve hot after 15 mins with coconut chutney... Pink Idli with White Chutney... Isnt it awesome ! (Take care to make the Idli Batter a tighter one as it gets mixed with starch later)

Replace Beetroot with Paalak and the Green Idlis are ready....This has amazing content of Calcium to inject straight...

Raagi Flour Idlis :

Raagi is difficult to feed for kids... This is a vague idea I tried and it worked. For One cup of Idli batter, Mix one portion of Raagi flour and allow it to ferment for two hours. Mix some grated carrots, chillies and coriander, curry leaves and steam.... Yup, Raagi Idlis with high Iron content is ready tobe gulped.

Dosa Pattis :

Boil Potatoes and mash them to fine paste. Add this mash along with grated Paneer, Cheese, Carrots and finely sliced off chillies and curry, coriander leaves. Toast the Coin Size Dosas and goes thru the taste buds of kiddos without fuss.... I use Amul Butter to toast. I even make a larger size and use Cookie Cutters for interesting shapes...

(My little angel never likes to have panner or cheese... and this idea worked wonders for me)

Raagi Dosa Pattis :

To one portion of Raagi Flour, add one portion of Rice Flour and two to three spoons of Corn Flour. Make it into soft batter. Mix with finely chopped onions, green chillies, coriander, curry leaves, Salt to taste. Allow it to ferment for about one or two hours. Make small balls and with your fingers allow it to spread across the pan. (The size can be according to one's comfort). Use wet cloth to spread across the pan. I use Amul Butter and toast it on medium flame....Serve it with Paalak Moorkozhambu or any koot of choice.

High content of Iron and nutritious rich...

Keep trying these.... I shall add more as I keep trying...

Happy Cooking....

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